Essential Steps To Create & Define Your Brand Voice

Brand voice is the personality of a business, it is the way that a brand takes on its communications through every written aspect; web

Dec 9, 2023

How do you create & define a brand voice? Why is it important?

Brand voice is the personality of a business, it is the way that a brand takes on its communications through every written aspect; websites, social, advertising etc. When brand voice is applied well to everything digitally (like social media), a company builds long-lasting relationships with existing followers and the audience will continue to expand. Brand voice on social media creates loyal followers who look forward to interactions with your content if they can relate to your brand messaging.

1. Focus on Three Words

The key to a strong brand voice is consistency. Every social media post, product description and interaction needs to communicate the same message and feelings. An excellent way to decide on brand voice words is to ask, “What do customers want to feel when using my service/products?” You might want them to feel excited, relaxed, or inspired. Also, consider what you want customers to think of your brand. Choose words such as reliable, genuine or bold. These descriptive words will direct the tone you use.

Here are some examples below!

Adventurous, Bold, Casual, Dazzling, Elegant, Festive, Glamorous, Historic, Innovative, Lush, Modern, Natural, Organic, Powerful, Rebellious, Serious, Trustworthy, Unique, Versatile, Wild, Youthful.

2. Develop Your Brand Values

With three defining words selected, expand on each one to create values. These are the ideas you stand for. These brand values communicate your company’s mission and highlight what you want to avoid.

3. Research Your Target Audience

Your personality should feel relevant to the customers you want to attract. To consider your target audience’s values, pull the market research into the conversation. By understanding which posts attract the most engagement, you can learn what elements of your personality are resonating with your audience. Pivot your brand voice towards these demographics. Every time you talk, write, design, post, respond, launch, thank, and connect with others, use the BRAND VOICE. Every. Time.

When Spark Media starts working with clients, whether that be Social Media Management, Social Media Planning/Content Creation, or Branding, we give them a worksheet with a few questions.

4. Write as you talk

Avoiding jargon forces you to be and sound real. You must describe something useful for your readers, using human-sounding words. Got something new to write or post? Try and explain it so your sibling could understand it. When an outsider understands then you’re on the right path.

5. Be consistent across social channels

Everything you do and share is part of your brand.

Do you have one person posting on Facebook? Another posting on your website? Chances are they aren’t all using the same voice and tone but should. This is why defining your brand voice is immensely important.

Example #1 – Calm

Their adjectives: Soothing, inspirational, motivational, calm.

Calm is an app for meditation and sleep. They suggest techniques and tips for improving mindfulness.

Mindful of sticking to their voice-and-tone for all their tweets and Facebook posts.

Hashtag use #YearOfCalm.

Example #2 – Sharpie

Their adjectives: Creative, fun, practical.

They spread it on Instagram, with loads of posts, videos and followers across five hashtags.

Inspirational, with all the ways to use a sharpie to create beauty.


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