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Unlock your social media potential with our personalized, one-on-one coaching and consultation. Tailored strategies, real results.

MAD Social Agency SMM

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The MAD Social Media Services

1:1 Coaching

Get the tailored guidance you need to crush it on social media. We're talking strategy, skills, and know-how.

Content Idea Support

Stuck in a creative rut? We'll help you cook up content ideas that are as fresh as they are engaging.

Social Audits

We'll dissect your current strategy, offering actionable insights to align your content with your goals.


The MAD Approach

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At MAD Social Agency, we're all about empowering you to become a social media rockstar. While algorithms have their place, we're firm believers that authentic content is the real MVP. Our approach kicks off with a "test and learn" phase, where we experiment with various content types and strategies to see what truly clicks with your audience. From those insights, we craft a personalized coaching plan designed to elevate your social media game to the next level.

Our Benefits

How MAD can help


Increased brand awareness

With over half the globe scrolling through feeds, platforms like Instagram are your ticket to brand stardom.


Staying top of mind

You know what they say, "Out of scroll, out of mind." Stats show 70% of social media users are daily visitors.


Boost sales

Fun fact: 83% of Insta-users discover new products while double-tapping away.



Social media gives you a direct line to your audience's thoughts. We teach you how to interpret the chatter and refine your brand voice.


Audience & market insights

Ever heard of social listening? Monitor the buzz around your brand and industry to get a pulse on consumer sentiment and trends.


Precise advertising & clear ROI

The beauty of social media advertising? Precision. Target by age, interest, behaviour—you name it.

Our work

Our Work Speaks for Itself, Check Out Our Portfolio

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At MAD Social Agency, we're obsessed with crafting custom marketing game plans that vibe with your distinct business goals. From the get-go in strategy planning to the nitty-gritty of content creation and data analysis, our squad has got your back. We're all about that client-first mindset, ensuring we deliver not just numbers, but results that truly resonate with your unique needs.

Our Process

A simple, yet effective three step process.

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Our coaching services are tailored to give you the most bang for your time. From social media finesse to personal branding, we're your go-to guides on the road to digital mastery. Our process is laser-focused on actionable insights and transformative results, so you can zero in on your personal and business growth.



First up, let's vibe. Our initial consultation is where we get to the heart of your aspirations and challenges. We'll also give you a sneak peek into our coaching philosophy, which is all about data-driven insights and real-world application. By the end of this session, we'll know if we're the dream team you've been looking for.



Feeling the connection? Awesome! We'll kick things off by setting up a personalized coaching roadmap. Yeah, there's some admin stuff, but we'll also create a shared digital workspace where your goals start to take flight. Open communication and collaborative brainstorming are the names of the game as we plot your path to success.


Let's Start

Once your custom coaching plan is in place, it's your time to shine. We're all ears for any feedback you have, because tweaking to perfection is how we roll. Our aim? To deliver a coaching experience that doesn't just enlighten but also empowers. Your growth is our ultimate KPI.

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