100 Hooks for Content

Are you a blogger, social media manager, business owner or content marketer struggling to come up with content ideas? Look no...

Sep 5, 2023

Are you a blogger, social media manager, business owner or content marketer struggling to come up with content ideas? Look no further! We have compiled a list of 100 hooks for content that will inspire and engage your audience. These hooks include thought-provoking questions, surprising statistics, and more to help you create content that stands out and drives results. Don't wait for inspiration to strike – dive in and start creating with our comprehensive list of content hooks!

Hooks in content are crucial for capturing and maintaining the attention of your audience. They serve as attention-grabbing elements that pique curiosity, evoke emotions, and compel readers to continue engaging with your content. Here's why hooks are so important:

1️. Grab Attention: In today's fast-paced digital world, you have only seconds to grab someone's attention. A strong hook at the beginning of your content can immediately captivate your audience and entice them to keep reading or watching.

2️. Create Engagement: Hooks generate interest and encourage active engagement. When you start with an intriguing question, a shocking statistic, or a compelling story, you stimulate your audience's curiosity and make them want to learn more.

3️. Establish Relevance: A well-crafted hook helps your audience quickly understand why your content is relevant to them. It sets the context, identifies the problem or topic at hand, and convinces readers that your content has value and relevance to their lives or work.

4️. Build Emotional Connection: Hooks have the power to evoke emotions in your audience. Whether it's humor, empathy, or a sense of urgency, emotional connections create a stronger bond between your audience and your content, making it more memorable and shareable.

5️. Increase Readability: A captivating hook can improve the overall readability of your content. By enticing readers from the start, you reduce the risk of them bouncing off or losing interest. It sets a positive tone and encourages readers to continue consuming your content.

6️. Drive Action: Hooks not only capture attention but also motivate action. Whether your goal is to inspire readers to subscribe, share, comment, or make a purchase, a well-crafted hook can create the initial excitement and momentum needed to drive those actions.

  • Want to double your (desired outcome) on (platform/business)? This is how you do it.
  • (Number) questions (business/niche/title) get asked all the time.
  • I bought this (website/tool/app) so you don't have to. Let me show you the pros and cons.
  • This is why your (product or problem) isn't working.
  • Top (number) sites I use to save time as a (business/niche/professional title).
  • (Number) (business/niche) tricks you didn't know were being used on you.
  • Here's something REALLY important that every (business/niche) should've been taught in school...
  • Here's a quick (business/niche/product) hack that'll get you results fast!
  • (Number) free (tool/website/app) to create great (desired outcome)
  • Our worst fears are coming to life! (Currently positive in niche) is turning into (past negative in niche).
  • (Customer/niche) you won't believe this.
  • 3 reasons why (wrong solution) won't work.
  • (Customer/niche) here's something I bet you didn't know...
  • Wish I knew this earlier.
  • How I got (ideal solution or outcome) in (time frame).
  • Nobody is talking about (unique subject within niche).
  • This is why your (problem/product) isn't working.
  • (Number) easy to remember tips for (problem).
  • If you're a (their profession) listen up!
  • I asked (customer/niche) on my Instagram page to DM me their (problem you can solve). Here's what they had to say.
  • Did you know that (industry/niche) get (the opposite of what most people assume) more than any other profession?
  • If you want to know how (reversed belief) think you are, watch til the end!
  • This (tool) will let you (overcome problem) in less than (ideal timeframe).
  • (Customer/niche) this one's pretty interesting, you're gonna want to see this.
  • Was no one going to tell me that (unique problem or talking point) has been around forever?!
  • So this just happened at (location, niche, business)
  • The #1 thing I tell every (customer title/niche) (ideal outcome) is this!
  • What's the difference between (similar comparison) and (similar comparison)? Let me explain.
  • I tested (number) (niche) techniques on (tool/idea) and this 1 is the best.
  • What I learned being a (controversial descriptor) while in my (age).
  • If you have (problem) or you're experiencing (effect of problem) you might want to try this (proven method) today!
  • Listen up if you want to (controversial/problem) from (niche or business).
  • Here's the history of (controversial in niche) and it's (negative adjective) (dynamic).
  • Here's how I (acton/problem you solve) (item they're familiar with) for my (product/service)
  • I'm a (professional/authority) and I tried 6 different (tool/ideas) (problem they have) so you don't have to!
  • So I have this theory on why (ideal niche outcome) is going to be (positive adjective) (timeframe) and I'm gonna show you why.
  • Most (customer niche) won't tell you this, cause they're too busy making money from it. But let me give you a sneak peek.
  • Here's how (their niche or business) tricks you into buying their (product or service).
  • Here's a tip from a professional that can save you a ton of trouble: [bullet point]
  • Something crazy happened in the industry space this last week that's a total game changer and changed everything forever. Let me tell you about it.
  • Here's how I did [number] [solution they want] in [timeframe]. I'm gonna show you how I did this, so if you're in [their niche] stick around!
  • This is probably my greatest tip, and it's exactly what I use to find [solution to problem]. I can't believe I'm gonna share this... It's exactly what I use to [solution to problem].
  • Whether you're a [niche] or a [ideal niche] now you can be both with [tool].
  • Have you ever noticed how [business/niche] get more [ideal outcome] even though yours might be better? Here's why that's happening...
  • Did you know how [business/niche] exploded in popularity?
  • If you work with [customers niche] you need to hear this!
  • What does [person/business], [controversial person/business], and [person/business] all have in common? Well they all [relatable desired outcome]
  • Want to know the secret to [business/niche] [platform] strategy?
  • How did [popular figure or business] use [social media/platform] to become the biggest thing since sliced bread?
  • Do you want to know the secret to creating the perfect [ideal outcome]? Your favorite [business/niche] all apply this same trick.
  • There's 1 [platform/tool] feature you are NOT using but absolutely should!
  • [Platform/tool] revealed some shocking new data!
  • Next time you're dealing with someone with a [common problem] who refuses to listen, try this technique that [high authority] use.
  • You gotta check this [website/tool] out. It's called [website/tool] and it's absolutely wild!
  • If you just started your [business/niche] you absolutely have to see this.
  • [Solution to problem] secret that nobody's talking about!
  • Here's a quick tip for looking and feeling more [solution to problem], instead of [common held belief].
  • Here's how you can market like [authority figure/brand].
  • This is 1 of the best strategies when it comes to [common problem] that you can use right now. So listen up!
  • Did you know you can tell how much [person, business, niche] likes you just by [something weird]
  • Nobody is talking about this [solution to problem] strategy
  • When it comes to [ideal outcome] I only trust 1 single hack. Let me show you
  • Here's an [adjective] hack for [solution to problem] on a budget!
  • Check this out it's equal parts [negative adjective] and [positive adjective].
  • If you run a [business/niche] you're gonna enjoy this video and you will not see it coming.
  • The best [unique strategy/technique] I've ever done.
  • This is a trick used by [authority figure/brand] to explain [problem] simply.
  • Here's a [business/niche] tip that will blow your mind!
  • Alright, if you're not a [business/niche] keep scrolling. This isn't for you.
  • Ok I want to share a [tool/website/app] that you absolutely need for [industry/niche].
  • If you want the best [tool/website/app] for your [device] keep watching!
  • Keep watching to see the most helpful [tool/website/app] for the [time period]
  • (number) (business / Niche / industry) (tool / website / app) I wish I knew earlier
  • Let me show you how to make the (positive adjective) and (ideal outcome) (product)
  • If you ever get (negative problem) for your (product or business) do this immediately!
  • Here's how you can (desire outcome) (problem) everytime!
  • Here's the exact (business / niche / product) if you want to (desired outcome).
  • This (tool / website / app / product) is guaranteed to (positive adjective) your (desired outcome).
  • (number) more (business / niche) I learned working (high authority company).
  • You're (action) your (niche) wrong. I'll teach you the proper way.
  • I just got some news that makes me want to (weird solution) right now!
  • I'm gonna show you in (short time frame) how to properly (desired outcome). Because if you're not doing it this way, you're massively missing out!
  • I learned about this in (related niche / business) and I think nobody's talking about this. And so many people actually experience this.
  • I just wanna ask ya'll something. Why do people say they want to (desired outcome) but they're not using this simple tip?
  • Here's something important I've told a (customer) but they refused to believe me.
  • Here's how I (adjective / verb) (business / niche / product.) as a (professional title) in (authority qualifier).
  • If you shop at (business / niche) you have to watch this!
  • The (business / niche / product) industry do not want you to know this. So if I go missing after this.... now you know.
  • Listen up! Here's (number) tips I want you to know, to make sure you can get a (desired outcome), the right way!
  • You absolutely need this free tool for (common problem)
  • Please tell me I'm not the only 1 who just discovered this (related business / niche) trick!
  • I wish I knew about this (common problem) tip sooner.
  • If you're in the (business / niche) industry, you NEED this (business / niche / product.)
  • I don't know who needs to hear this but you're probably (action) (business / niche / product) wrong. Let me tell you why.
  • I'm gonna be honest, here's a sentence my (business / niche / product) tells me that kills me inside.
  • (number) fact(s) that can save your (common problem), (time constraint).
  • Now this is a life changing (business / niche / product).
  • Here's (number) of my favorite (industry / niche), (business / niche / product) on (website / app) that you should try!

Update... 12 bonus ones:

  • This is why your (product or problem) isn't working.
  • Top (number) Sites I use to save time as a (Business / Niche / Professional Title)
  • (number) (business / niche) tricks you didn't know were being used on you
  • Here's something REALLY important that every (business / niche) should've been taught in school
  • Here's a quick (Business / Niche/ Product) hack that'll get you results fast!
  • (number) Free (tool / website / app) to create great (desired outcome)
  • Our worst fears are coming to life! (currently positive in niche) is turning into (past negative in niche)
  • Our worst fears are coming to life! (currently positive in niche) is turning into (past negative in niche)
  • (Customer / Niche) you won't believe this
  • 3 Reasons why (wrong solution) won't work
  • (Customer / Niche) here's something I bet you didn't know
  • How I got (ideal solution or outcome) in (time frame)

Creating content that resonates with your audience and drives results can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. With these 100 hooks for content, you have a variety of ideas to choose from and adapt to fit your brand and audience. Remember, the key to successful content is to provide value and engage your audience. So, take some time to explore these hooks and start crafting content that inspires, educates, and entertains your audience. And if you need help with your content strategy or execution, don't hesitate to reach out to MAD Social Agency. We're here to help you achieve your goals and stand out in the digital world.


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